jQuery for Designers: In Live Action

Posted on 11th June 2009 — This September dConstruct will return the UK again, running 2 days of workshops and one full day of talks. One of those workshops will be a full day jQuery for Designers workshop run by your very own Remy Sharp.

I’ve attended dConstruct a couple of times now and it’s a superb event that always leaves me feeling inspired. I highly recommend it!

This year however, I’ll be giving a full day workshop titled: jQuery for Designers (who’da thunk it!).

This is your chance to get to see the live action episode, but more importantly: get some very focused tuition using on how to use jQuery as a designer.

The workshop will cover such topics as:

  • JavaScript & debugging basics: how to fake it as a JavaScripter
  • Progressive enhancement & Graceful degradation – what’s what
  • jQuery: how do bend the DOM to your will
  • Effect and animations – things that go whizz bang!
  • Ajax: it’s even simpler than you think
  • Using jQuery UI for instant widgets, for zero work

Tickets go on sale on the 22nd June, so stick it your diaries and get on down for one of the best conferences – though there’s another I’ll tell you about, but that’s for another day ;-)

Footnote: I’ll be releasing the featured tutorial later today: infinite scrolling carousels!