Two New Series

Posted on 3rd October 2008 — First up, an apology for not being able to get the September article released. September was the peak of my work load (working evenings and weekends for a long while) and poor old J4D slipped by. Sorry all!

So, before I ask for your opinion on what’s next – the next screencast will be covering animations (of sorts), fundamentally similar to the jQuery Coda Slider, but being used in completely different ways – this should be online next week.

Next Up

I’ve been thinking about the next lot of tutorials, and I’ve been thinking about introducing two new ‘series’ of screencasts, in addition to the existing request based tutorials:

  1. Playschool for jQuery
  2. Learning the jQuery API

Obviously I’d still accept requests and still try to mix it up a bit.

Playschool for jQuery (though the term/name may change) would be for absolute noobs and I’d try my best to keep it really simple and very much as a first time introduction to jQuery and JavaScript. However, it’s a bit of a risk, since it relies almost entirely on you, the reader, to point your newbie colleague to this web site.

The second would be a small section of the API chosen depending on demand or interest, and dipped in to. They will be designed to be short and sweet, and even accompany the API if possible. Ajax is a easy example to think of, but then we could look at the global Ajax functions, etc.

Let me know what you think. Good idea? Bad idea? Any other/better ideas?